Do you heat treat honey?

Capilano Honey has been committed to maintaining the highest quality standards for the past 60 years and we employ global best practices through all stages of the supply chain.

We do not actively heat treat honey, unless it is a legal requirement of the region it is being distributed to by law.

For example, The Western Australian Department of Agriculture requires honey sent to this region to be heat treated to protect against a specific bee disease bacteria. This bacteria affects bee larval health and has no impact on humans.

To pump honey into consumer packs, as per industry standards, we do warm our honey (55 degrees Celsius for regular, 45 degrees Celsius for organic) in order to filter and liquefy the product, thus removing naturally occurring crystals which will give the honey a sustained liquid life. These packaging processes have been independently tested to show that they conserve the natural goodness of honey.

The minimal heating undertaken to liquefy the product does not impact the quality, nor the nutritional profile of the honey, and it remains a 100% pure natural product.

We can also undertake enzyme and sugar analysis testing to illustrate that the honeys natural and nutritional properties are conserved. The boiling point of honey is greater than 105 degrees Celsius.

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