Our Beekeepers

We proudly source our honey from over 600 beekeeping families across Australia and we're passionate about the relationships we have with our beekeepers. Here are just a few of them:

New South Wales

Wayne Simpkins

Wayne Simpkins hails from the Northern New South Wales town of Emmaville. However, like all beekeepers, travels far and wide in search of honey. He is pictured here on the outskirts of Gunnedah with his son, Brock, 18, a fifth generation beekeeper.

Robert Seagrave

Robert Seagrave is a second generation beekeeper and hails from Emmaville in Northern New South Wales and operates 2500 hives. He is pictured here with his wife Nardene, daughter Temicka, 11 and son Blade, 8. Robert is a second generation beekeeper inheriting the passion for bees and Capilano from his father, Mervyn. 

Graham Baker

Graham Baker started supplying Capilano back in 1983 when he began his beekeeping operation with 90 hives. Baker Beekeeping runs around 1800 hives and producing on average 200 – 250 IBC’s for Capilano per year! 


Ian Carpenter

Ian Carpenter is a passionate first generation beekeeper who has been a Capilano supplier for thirty years. He is pictured here on his property nestled in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range near the Lockyer Valley. Ian keeps 500 hives and supplies Capilano with 35 to 40 tonnes of honey on average per year.

The Barnes

Three smiling faces that depict the Barnes beekeeping business on Queensland’s beautiful Fraser Coast hides the frustration resulting from a tragic accident. Peter was involved in an incident with his bobcat whilst loading bees in 2012 and this left him with long term injuries that have reduced the family’s beekeeping business to just 120 hives. 

The Ruges

Rodney Ruge has been a loyal Capilano supplier for 30 years. He has thankfully passed his beekeeping experience down to his three strapping sons – Clinton, Bruce and William who will carry on the family tradition. Rodney has a fleet of three vehicles to transport his 2000 hives and is pictured here on the scenic Darling Downs near his home town of Kleinton just north of Toowoomba.


Lindsay Soulsby

Lindsay’s father, Albert started supplying Capilano when the Company’s factory in Maryborough first opened. The vintage Dodge pictured was purchased in 1980 second hand. Lindsay and Albert built a tray for the truck and together they worked their bees until Albert passed away in 1991. Lindsay continued to use the truck until 2012 and now runs about 400 hives with his son Tony, a fourth generation beekeeper.

Peter McDonald

Peter McDonald has been regularly supplying Capilano with honey for the past five years. Peter is a fourth generation beekeeper and the McDonald family beekeeping business situated in Mackenzie Hill, Castlemaine, Victoria operates around 2000 hives, for honey production and pollination services. Peter is heavily involved in industry affairs and is currently an executive member of AHBIC. 

The Halls

Ray Hall was one of Capilano’s original Victorian suppliers who began suppying the company’s factory in Maryborough, Victoria in November 1973. Ray is a past chairman of Capilano’s Board of Directors and remains to this day keenly interested in the company’s success. His son, Mark joined the family business as a teenager and the two have been working together to supply Capilano honey ever since. 

South Australia

Carolyn and Jack

Meet Carolyn Smith, a very skilled beekeeper from Tailem Bend in South Australia who supplies us with delicious, pure Aussie honey that we bottle for homes all across the country.

For many in the beekeeping community the craft is often passed onto the next generation. However, the occurrence of young people choosing beekeeping as a career is decreasing. This is why we're so buzzed that Carolyn's son, Jack, has chosen to 'bee a beekeeper' and carry on the family tradition.

The Hampels

We're proud to introduce the Hampels, a hardworking farming family of seven from Ebenezer in South Australia. Stephen is a first generation beekeeper and has been beekeeping ever since he was a kid, starting with just 10 hives. The family also run cattle, sheep and crops alongside their very successful beekeeping business.

The Dyers 

Meet the Dyers, a hardworking beekeeping family from Williamstown in South Australia. Craig and Dianne are overjoyed that their eldest son, Joshua, will be carrying on the family tradition of beekeeping after he finishes High school. We're very proud to pack our products with honey that's been supplied by over 600 Aussie beekeeping families, including the Dyers.

Alan Cotton

Alan Cotton runs a commercial beekeeping operation based in Keith, South Australia. Alan is a second generation beekeeper and was one of the first Capilano suppliers from South Australia. He started supplying when he was just sixteen years of age in the 1970’s and has been with the company ever since. Many of Alan’s 800 hives are over 100 years old and crafted from Californian Redwood!

Nigel Marsh

Nigel Marsh is pictured with his bees on the Canola – a crop that flowers in August and September not far from his hometown of Murray Bridge, South Australia. He runs 1000 hives of bees with his wife Natalie and has been supplying Capilano for fifteen years.

Western Australia

David Leyland

David Leyland (Bees Neez Apiaries) is a relative newcomer to the Capilano family and hails from Beechina in WA. He runs 700 hives and he and his family have been involved in commercial beekeeping for 32 years. David is a past President and current Executive Member of WAFF beekeeping section and his wife Leilani, is the current President and organiser of the very successful Honey Week in Western Australia.

The Spurges

Mike Spurge and his father Ken are one of Capilano’s largest suppliers, consistently producing almost a drum of honey per hive! As a second generation beekeeper and loyal supplier to Wescobee honey for 30 years, Mike supplies much of Capilano’s organic product with his 900 production hives and 600 nukes.

What's it like to bee a beekeeper?

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