Bee Scholar

Capilano are proud to drive a range of projects in the beekeeping community and Australian Universities that are designed to promote the long term protection and sustainability of Australia’s honey bee colonies. These projects include, but are not limited to...

University of the Sunshine Coast

We are proud to support the University of the Sunshine Coast Honey Lab, as well as Capilano funded Simon Williams, a PhD student from the USC. Capilano have provided the support to get the RIRDC project “Active Australian Leptospermum honey: new sources and their bioactivity” off the ground which forms some of Simon’s PhD, as well as additional support with fieldwork and beekeeping advice. Capilano has also provided a drone for aerial photography and a dedicated HPLC system for the honey research laboratory, which is essential in the work flow of the project. Recently, we interviewed Simon on his studies and aspirations that Capilano have been thrilled to help support.

CRC for Honey Bee Products

Capilano Honey are proud to work with the University of Western Australia and the Australian Government on this exciting new initiative that is aimed to provide a much-needed boost to Australia’s valuable, but largely untapped honey bee products, by bringing together both industry and academic expertise from across Australia. This exciting initiative is currently recognised as the largest cooperative bee research project ever undertaken in the country. Read more...

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