Our Aussie Honey

Where does Capilano Honey come from?

Capilano’s premium Australian honey is sourced from Australian beekeepers who ensure that their bees are foraging in the pristine Australian environment (largely unpopulated national parks and forests). Australia arguably has the healthiest honey bees in the world², and is largely free of the major pests and diseases seen in other honey bee populations around the globe.

Did you know, 80% of the honey produced in Australia comes from Eucalyptus trees? Capilano receives over 500 different floral sources per year during the main production season which runs from Spring to Autumn with peak production in summer. Trees flower for around 4 weeks each year and the beekeepers will move their hives to follow the tree flowering cycle. Honey is an agriculture product – trees and the bees need the right environmental conditions to produce honey.

Classic Australian honey

Capilano’s 100% pure Australian Honey is made with Australian eucalypt and ground flora honeys, rich in character and flavour. These honeys consist of light and medium coloured and strong and mild flavoured honeys, which are carefully crafted together to provide a signature product with a consistently delicious flavour and colour. In times of extreme honey shortage, the colour and flavour of our 100% pure Australian honey may vary slightly due to the limited availability of Australian honey varieties available.

Raw Australian honey

River Red Gum Honey

Along the Murray River system creeks and billabongs grow one of Australia’s most prolific eucalyptus, the majestic River Red Gum. 

Orange Blossom Honey

This unique honey comes from hives nestled amongst the fertile orange groves in the Riverina and Riverland regions of Southern Australia. 

Australian Organic Honey

Capilano Certified Organic honey is 100% pure Australian honey. It is primarily sourced from the coastal ranges of Northern New South Wales, from bees foraging in pristine native National Parks and State forests.

Our Certified Organic honey sold in WA is sourced from wild forest reserves of the South West and desert areas of Western Australia.

Australian Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is sourced from bees that have foraged the Leptospermum species of flowering plants, native to Australia. Manuka honey has been used for centuries as a natural source of vitality. Capilano Manuka honey has a naturally thick consistency with a rich, lingering full flavour. Manuka honey is perfect as a topping, in a marinades but is more commonly used as a powerful ingredient for topical applications.

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