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Switch it up!

Capilano Honey is naturally twice as sweet as sugar, meaning you can use less when switching in your baking, sauces, drinks and even savoury recipes.

This means you can reduce your sugar intake without compromising on taste. Sweet!

Read on for our guide to baking and cooking with honey, and if you’re an avid home cook, we have some bonus tips for swapping even more recipes with sugar, for sweet, natural Capilano honey instead!

Baking with Honey - Bonus Tips

In baking, honey contributes so much more than sweetness. It adds moisture, texture (chewiness) and lovely golden caramel notes.
Read on for tips by recipe type, and we hope you enjoy creating your much-loved home baking recipes with Capilano honey very soon!

• Cakes, biscuits, brownies – Honey is great for swapping for sugar in bakes that are make on oil rather than butter (think carrot cake or banana bread), as well as moist, chewy brownies. For aerated baking, such as sponge cakes, butter cakes, meringues or crisp biscuits, stick to the original recipe as much as you can for best results.

• Icings & sauces – Whipped icings such as buttercream or cream cheese frosting can have some of the icing sugar swapped for honey – try Capilano Creamed Honey for best results or add 1-2 tbsp per 450g batch buttercream of liquid honey being careful not to overbeat. Ganache is also delicious with a little honey added – try 1-2tbsp as it may be a little runnier than usual.

• Desserts – Honey is ideal in many cream-based desserts such as cheesecake, panna cotta, puddings or crème brulee but you may need to add a little extra egg, gelatine or starch to balance the additional liquid added by honey. Try adding honey to your pure or double cream for a fragrant treat, although whipping may be a little tricky if you’re after lots of volume. Swapping sugar with honey is also super simple in jellies, crumbles, poached or roasted fruits and self-saucing puddings – give it a try soon!

Cooking with Honey

Surprisingly to many, not all honeys are the same! Just like wine, cocoa and coffee, the taste and profile of honey depends on which flowers the bees have visited and collected nectar from.

In Australia we have such incredible floral diversity that the bees are spoilt for choice! This means that you have plenty of options to discover unique honey flavours, as well as sweetness when making the switch to honey in your recipes. Here are a few tasting notes from some of our range, click here to learn more.

  • Capilano Dark & Bold Honey has a rich caramel note to its flavour, making it ideal for roasted veggies, casseroles, glazes and even coffee.
  • Capilano Floral Manuka is a non-active Manuka with a lovely herbaceous, barley-like honey flavour and is also a standout for savoury recipes.
  • Capilano Active Manuka Honey is a very special type of Manuka honey that contains an active ingredient, methylglyoxal, prized for its indication of antibacterial properties. Capilano Australian Active Manuka, is lighter in flavour than some other active manuka honeys, making it fine for you to swirl it over porridge, yoghurt or supercharge your morning smoothies – why not boost your morning routine!
  • Capilano Yellow Box Honey is team favourite here at Capilano. Its lingering sweet, fragrant, and buttery notes are beautiful drizzled over ricotta pancakes, over cereal, or fruit to truly appreciate its dreamy flavour. Our master honey blender thinks it is a premier honey!
  • Capilano Light & Smooth Honey is an incredible all-rounder, especially in recipes where you’re looking for pure, natural sweetness but not an overpowering honey flavour. It’s perfect for those fussy little tastebuds too.
  • Capilano Pure Honey – Crumpets and sandwiches wouldn’t be the same without this family favourite! Our signature blend of pure Australian honey, made by healthy Aussie bees is the flavour you have grown up with - smooth, balanced and tastes just like home.

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