Does the Capilano brand contain imported honey?

No. There is no imported honey in Capilano-branded products. 

Capilano is first and foremost a company founded by, and still supporting, beekeeping families across Australia. With beekeepers involved in the boardroom and supply chain, every action through to the consumer is based on the principle of building a better Australian apiculture industry and delivering a safe natural product for our consumers.

We have been committed to maintaining the highest quality standards for the past 60 years and we employ global best practices through all stages of the supply chain and have earned an international reputation for quality though our rigorous and diligent approach.

All Capilano-branded products sold in Australia and internationally contain only 100% pure Australian honey that's been supplied by over 600 hardworking Aussie beekeeping families. There is no imported honey used in the Capilano Honey branded products. 

Other brands may contain imported honey from accredited suppliers that have been through Australia’s rigorous testing standards. This presents a value-driven alternative offering greater choice to consumers.

In compliance with legal requirements, any products containing imported honey are clearly labelled to ensure customers are informed.

The company engages world class independently accredited laboratories to undertake testing on raw honey, imported honey and finished goods. The company tests for over 65 different antibiotics and undertake specific analyses to ensure the honey is not adulterated in any form - including agave / corn / rice / cane / beet / glucose syrups or any other additives. 

All honey must meet stringent quality testing standards set in place by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) and Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ), the company has never failed this quality testing.

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