How can honey be organic?

Organic beekeeping is very difficult and takes great skill on the part of the beekeeper to maintain hive strength with only organic measures to protect the colony against natural predators and sickness.

Having a Certified Australian Organic honey simply means that certain Capilano beekeepers have invested in and elected to be part of the organic certification program, which has auditors verify sites as ‘officially organic’ against a set of tight guidelines.  Maintaining Australian Organic Certification is a time consuming and skilled art for bee keepers.

To be officially certified, hives must be made from organic materials and only exposed to organic environments and beekeeping techniques in the preparation of the honey. Sites have to be regularly audited to meet a rigorous checklist of requirements to reach certification, including  not being within a 5km radius of all normal farms & agricultural land that don’t use organic methods. Even the diet of the honey bees themselves needs to be balanced and certified organic. 

Find out more about the Australian Certified Organic logo and process.

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