What is Capilano Low GI Honey?

What is in Capilano Low GI Honey?

  •  Capilano Low GI Honey is a specially selected blend of natural 100% Australian premium eucalypt honey endorsed by the Glycemic Index Foundation as Low GI.
  • Capilano Low GI honey has been tested low GI (42) by an independent laboratory using approved methodology based on the international standards for testing.
  • Capilano Low GI is a licensed food in the Glycemic Index Symbol program.

Do you add anything else or do anything to the honey to make it Low GI?

  •  No. As honey is made from the nectar of a variety of flowering plants, different floral types can differ in their composition due to the difference in nectar coming from the flowers. Some honeys therefore will have different ratios/ different sugar profiles when compared to others. The naturally occurring sugar profile of this specially selected 100% Australian honey influences the way it is digested in the body, and its GI rating.
  • Capilano Low GI Honey is a specially selected blend of 100% Australian premium eucalypt honey endorsed by the Glycemic Index Foundation as Low GI.

What is the Glycemic Index of Capilano Low GI Honey?

  • The Glycemic Index (GI) is a physiologically based method used to classify carbohydrate foods according to their blood glucose-raising potential, also known as the glycemic response.
  • The Glycemic Index measures the area under the glycemic response curve during a 2-hour period after consumption of a 50g carbohydrate serve from a test food, with values being expressed relative to the effect of either white bread or glucose. As a result, the Glycemic Index is considered a specific property of foods.

What is a “Low GI food”?

  • Honey contains more than 180 identified substances, but it consists mainly of natural sugars with the remainder consisting of minerals, acids, enzymes, naturally occurring pigments and natural aroma that gives it its flavour.
  • While sugar is 100% sucrose, honey is made up of around 75% sugars, of which roughly half is glucose and half is fructose (these proportions may vary depending on the source of the nectar).
  • A Preliminary Assessment of the Glycemic Index of Honey (Brand-Miller, 1995) identified differences in the GI level between the different floral varieties of honey.
  • The Glycemic Index of Australian honey has been shown to generally be 58 (Brand-Miller, 1995), however this varies with the level of fructose in the honey – the more fructose, the lower the GI.

What types of honey are Low GI?

  • Yellow Box, Stringybark, Red Gum, Iron Bark and Yapunyah honeys are considered to be low GI. However, as a natural substance honey is likely to vary slightly from season to season.
  • To be certain you are enjoying a certified low GI honey, choose Capilano Low GI that has been laboratory tested using approved methodology and is endorsed by the Glycemic Index Foundation as low GI (42).

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