Capilano Celebrates $250k Donation Milestone


While many of us find ourselves facing challenging times throughout the COVID-19 crisis, beekeepers in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Eastern Victoria are still coming to terms with the aftermath of the 2019/20 bushfire crisis that claimed over 11 million hectares of forest.

From the NSW Bushfires alone, five million hectares of prime beekeeping country was lost. Close to 10,000 hives were burnt, while a further 90,000 were weakened due to emergency relocation. In Queensland over 90% of crown land has been severely impacted by drought or bushfire, resulting in over 45,000 hives requiring drought assistance over the last two months. The majority of these affected hives belong to professional beekeeping businesses, who make their living from caring for bees, producing quality honey and pollinating important food crops.

Often referred to as Australia’s ‘Forgotten Farmers’, these farming families have handed the rich traditions of Aussie beekeeping down through generations. They are botanists, meteorologists, food scientists, biologists and most of all, guardians – protecting the bees that are so important to all of us, especially the wider Australian agriculture sector.

To help support all Australian beekeepers impacted by drought & bushfire, we proudly launched our ‘helping honey’ at the start of this year. 20c from every Disaster Relief Pack sold goes directly to the Hive Aid campaign, which is used to provide impacted beekeepers assistance with expenses like bee nutrition and access to water, as well as general living expenses like bills, fuel and groceries.

To kick off our fundraising efforts, we donated $50,000 in addition to a generous $100,000 donation from OLAM Australia. These amounts, combined with amazing donations from the general public and over $20,000 from Capilano fans who purchased a Disaster Relief Honey, we are buzzed to share that we have reached our $250,000 milestone!

A huge thank you to our honey fans, who have chosen to pick up a pack of our helping honey and to OLAM with their outstanding show of support for Australia’s beekeepers. A very special thanks to the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) and Rural Aid for working so hard to bring the Hive Aid campaign to life and help support beekeepers in need.

We know Aussies have already given so much, and times are tough. But if you can, please donate here. Or simply pick up a pack of our Disaster Relief Honey to help contribute.

Professional beekeepers are encouraged to register for assistance here.

If you want to call speak with us, free call. 1800 880 808