Capilano Commits To Protecting Land Access


Access to healthy floral resource is key to a sustainable and viable Australian Apiculture industry. Capilano is dedicated to futureproofing the important profession of beekeeping in Australia. As such, we are committed to protecting our beekeepers’ access to much needed resources to ensure Australian honey supply, a healthy Aussie bee population and thriving ecosystem for generations to come.

Impending threats to public land access across the country, particularly in Queensland, has seen The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) move to rally against current legislation following their recent Annual General Meeting in Launceston at the end of last month.

Peter McDonald, Chair of AHBIC said, “Leaders from all states within Australia met in Launceston, Tasmania to discuss sustainable use of floral resources on Australian public lands as part of the AHBIC Resource Access Workshop.

“While policies in each State don’t always benefit the beekeeping industry, the immediate concern is Queensland.

“With the expected changes in Queensland through Provision 184 of the Nature Conservation Act 1992, beekeepers in Queensland will be forced out of beekeeping sites. The Australian beekeeping industry is concerned that the policy, either deliberately or inadvertently, removes commercial beekeeping industries from public lands in Queensland.

“The honey bee industry is a vital component of our food production and few people understand that the beekeeping industry provides vital pollination services for global food security.

“Linked to the effectiveness of pollination services is honey bee health, which requires not just ‘access’ but access to healthy Australian native flora. Well managed multi-use forests involving forestry, beekeeping, and recreation will always deliver the best conservation, economic and social outcomes”, said Peter.

As said by our friends at the Queensland Beekeepers' Association Inc, "The honey bee industry in Queensland injects over $2.4 Billion dollars to the Queensland economy each year by way of honey production and pollination services. Continued access to floral resource is a critical link to healthy food production in Queensland."

Capilano wholeheartedly supports each State Beekeeping Association and the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council to ensure the long term economic viability, security and prosperity of the Australian Honey Bee industry in Australia.

Access to Healthy Forests = Healthy Bees = Healthy People.

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