Capilano Drought & Bushfire Relief Honey Launched to Support Aussie Beekeepers


Since August, the unprecedented loss of floral resource from drought and bushfire has battered the Australian beekeeping industry. In many instances, bushfires alone have decimated over 60% of prime beekeeping country that many beekeeping families rely on to keep bees healthy and strong. Our hearts continue to break with more reports of lost hives, now across every state.

Last month, we announced our participation in the Hive Aid campaign. Managed by Rural Aid and overseen by The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC),  Hive Aid is a drought and bushfire relief campaign aimed specifically at supporting impacted professional beekeepers nationally. We are glad to see such generous donations coming in through the Hive Aid campaign. 

We are proud to launch a specially marked ‘Drought & Bushfire Relief’ Capilano Honey Pack, with 20 cents from every sale going to Rural Aid’s ‘Hive Aid’ campaign. This is aimed to ensure Rural Aid has more funds to support as many professional beekeepers requiring assistance as possible.

The new 340g pack is now on sale in supermarkets and stores, although the full roll-out will take several weeks. In addition to the 340g relief pack, 20 cents from every 340g Capilano classic honey pack sold will also contribute to the cause, even if the packaging does not display the new Drought & Bushfire Relief label. It will take some time to get these special packs across our retailers, but beekeepers need help now which is why the fundraising efforts will occur immediately on all 340g Classic Capilano packs.

The current situation is not one we can turn around easily, with drought and extreme bushfire conditions still devastating so much beekeeping countryside and recovery from these events will take many years. The Drought & Bushfire Relief pack is a very practical way shoppers can help support Australia’s professional beekeepers, while also enjoying the taste of pure Australian honey. We hope that everyone can get behind the cause and we are able to raise significant funds to help provide support to those beekeepers who need it most. 

Further information on the pack can be found here. Information on Hive Aid can be located here.

Direct donations to Hive Aid can be made here. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Professional beekeepers are encouraged to register for assistance here.

If you want to call speak with us, free call. 1800 880 808