Capilano Honey Ltd Stands Behinds Its Testing Regime For Honey Authenticity


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Capilano Honey Limited has moved to reassure its customers and shareholders that it uses validated internationally recognised testing of honey to determine authenticity. These tests are the same as those used by international regulatory authorities to ensure honey is not adulterated, and they are undertaken on every batch of honey imported.

Reports in the media have raised questions about the quality of imported honey. The test relied on in media reports (known as NMR) has concluded that some imported honey may not be pure honey. This impacts Allowrie honey which is a blend of quality imported honey and premium Australian honey.

Capilano Honey Limited has found NMR results to be inconsistent between batches and different laboratories assessing the same sample.

“While we have full confidence that Allowrie Honey contains only pure honey, we also recognise that there is no consensus view from across the industry about the reliability of the NMR test that has led to the reports in the media,” Dr Ben McKee, Managing Director of Capilano Honey Limited, packer of the Allowrie honey brand said today.

“We call on the industry to work to prove up the NMR test so that it matches the robustness of results from other testing currently relied on internationally.”

“NMR tests are conducted at European laboratories and the method’s essential flaw is the reliance on a database of reference honeys, and the database is underrepresented for honeys from our region.”

“It is essential for consumers to have confidence in that they are buying 100% pure honey. We cannot have one test saying one thing and another saying honey is 100% pure. That is where we find ourselves today.”

“We stand by our Allowrie honey as being 100% pure honey and the testing we employ on every batch. However customers have a choice and there are great quality 100% pure Australian honey products on the market such as our Capilano brand, supplied by over 600 Australian beekeeping families” Dr McKee said.

“We are immensely proud of the support that we provide the Australian honey industry and the many fine people who work within it. We are troubled that confidence in this industry is being eroded by inconsistent testing results. We will continue to work to address this,” Dr McKee said.

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