Capilano looks to engage next generation of nature lovers with release of “The Buzz About Bees”, an educational eBook on bees and pollination


Today we have launched The Buzz About Bees eBook, aiming to excite and engage younger Australians with the wondrous work of bees and their crucial role in our food supply.

The eBook is part of a range of educational materials we have produced to build understanding of the contribution of beekeepers and bees to food diversity and a healthy natural environment.

Ryan d’Almeida, CEO of Hive + Wellness, the company behind the Capilano brand, said: “Capilano is a regular visitor to schools around Australia, along with our much loved bee mascot, Phoebee. On these visits we witness the deep fascination children have with bees and the process of honey making.”

“Bees are also essential to the production of many fruits and vegetables. Without pollination, life on the planet would be very different. Plants and food would be much less diverse. Our eBook, along with audiovisual material on our website, will help teachers and parents to lift the lid on life inside and outside the hive.”

“Learning about bees helps children understand how our fresh produce is created, the importance of a healthy environment, and the relationships between animals and plants and the foods we all enjoy.”

“It also provides some context to the pack of Capilano honey at their breakfast table. When they spread pure Australian honey on their toast, drizzle it on their cereal or swirl it into a smoothie, they are supporting local beekeepers and in turn supporting Australia’s agricultural industry and food chain.”

Mr McKee said a focus for the company this year was raising awareness amongst consumers of the importance of bees across a range of areas, including fresh food production, bushfire recovery (through pollination of recovering flora) and, of course, production of honey and honey products.

“We want Australians to have a better understanding of the significant contribution of both bees and beekeepers to the lifestyles we enjoy. “We particularly want to engage with younger Australians and bring to life the positive impact of bees on the greater natural environment. They may be the country’s “littlest livestock”, but there is nothing little about their contribution.”

“We are encouraging children to care for bees, whether it’s through creating a bee bath, reducing pesticide use or establishing a bee-friendly garden. We are really excited about sharing our passion for bees and honey, and hope to inspire some future beekeepers!”

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