Capilano Mascot, Phoebee, Surprises Aspiring Young Beekeeper


Originally featured on the South-East Advertiser: 'Sweet letter from young bee keeper lifts spirits in the country' on December 18, 2019

It’s never too soon to start keeping bees, as Coorparoo State School student Oliver Greenup has shown.

The Year 1 student wrote to Hive + Wellness, the company behind Australia’s iconic honey brand Capilano, seeking advice on how to follow his dream.

“I really like your honey,” Oliver began. “I also have a stingless beehive at my house. When I grow up, I want to be a beekeeper. What can I do to learn to be a good beekeeper?”

Given the average age of beekeepers is 59 years old, the letter was an inspirational request for Capilano.

Capilano mascot Phoebee the Honey Bee visited Oliver and his classmates at Coorparoo Primary School last Thursday to share a few tips and get Oliver started on his beekeeping journey.

Phoebee presented Oliver with a beekeeper starter kit, including a hive and beekeeping equipment from Nuplas Apiarist Supplies.

Oliver’s classmates were also included in the fun, each receiving a bee book, seeded paper and a 220g Twist and Squeeze pack of Capilano’s Australian honey.

Hive + Wellness COO Ben McKee said it was wonderful to connect with such a group of interested and engaged students, and help them understand where honey comes from, and why we would be in such trouble without bees.

“Given the average age of beekeepers is 59 years old, and beekeepers are currently going through difficult times in Queensland, it is heart-warming that a young boy potentially represents the next generation and future of beekeepers,” Mr McKee said.

“The drought has decimated availability of water, pollen and nectar and many Queensland beekeepers are struggling to keep their bees alive, let alone producing honey. We’ve seen some beekeepers doing it very tough in the last few weeks, so Oliver’s letter really lifted our spirits.”

“Members of our team were delighted to visit Coorparoo Primary School to encourage a new generation of beekeepers,” said Hive + Wellness COO Ben McKee.

“Honey bees are so important to Australia’s agriculture and to the food we eat every day,” he said.

“Lunchbox favourites like apples, avocado and blueberries all depend to a large extent on pollination by industrious honey bees.

Coorparoo State School student, Oliver Greenup, and his classmates are delighted by the visit. Picture: AAP/Renae Droop

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