Capilano: Proudly Aussie Made & Owned


Founded by Beekeepers

Capilano Honey was founded in 1953, by apiarists Tim Smith (MBE) and his brother, Bert, who began the business by packing and selling Capilano honey to grocery stores around Brisbane, Australia. Similar to how many beekeepers start their beekeeping journey, the Smiths brothers began packing honey at Tim’s house and selling it by way of an honesty box. From little things, big things truly grow.

The “Capilano” name has a nostalgic connection with the Capilano district near Vancouver in Canada. It means, “rushing water” in the language of the native Indian tribe who lived there. While stationed in Canada as an RAAF flying instructor in World War II, Tim Smith met his wife, Jill, who grew up near the banks of the Capilano river.

Proudly still Australian owned and operated, for over 65 years now, Capilano products are carefully packed and passionately marketed by over 150 local Australians. While Capilano has grown exponentially since our humble beginnings our core values, established by dear Tim & Bert, to support Australian beekeepers and pack quality Australian honey continue to drive us to this day. Learn more about our heritage here

The Great Australian Honey

We have it pretty great here in Australia. Our pristine natural environment, sunny climate and exceptional floral diversity supports the world’s healthiest bees.

And with such a sprawling wilderness to explore, we go the extra mile in search of the purest golden honey. That’s why our beekeepers forage the greatest range of locations – right across Australia – searching further than anyone else to find untouched land where the air is cleanest, the nectar is purest and the bees can thrive.

But when it comes to making The Great Australian Honey, it’s not just the where. It’s the who.

It’s the dedicated beekeeping families who hand the rich traditions of Aussie beekeeping down through generations. They’re botanists, meteorologists, food scientists, biologists and most of all, guardians – protecting the bees that are so important to all of us.

It’s the Capilano craftspeople who’ve mastered the art of honey over 65 years, expertly blending, bottling and quality testing our 100% pure and natural Australian honey as it makes its way from our hives to your home.

And it’s the millions of families in Australia and around the world who choose to nourish both their loved ones and the future of Australian beekeeping, by choosing Capilano.

It’s our pride and privilege to put the best of our country in every pack. So it’s no wonder Capilano is Australia’s favourite, Australia’s purest, Australia’s own honey.


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