Christmas Pressie Ideas For Bee Lovers


Looking for bee themed Christmas present ideas for friends, family or do you need something last minute for Secret Santa? We've got you covered...

Ideas for around the home

  • Beeswax wraps will come in handy, especially after Christmas lunch when you need to store leftovers. Apiwraps offer a range of wax wraps to choose from. Or, if you're feeling crafty, you can make your own using this helpful guide
  • For more waxy goodness you can't pass up the classic candle... and these Aussie made, hand crafted ones by Happy Flame are our favourite. They smell beelicious and the wax they use comes from beekeepers who supply honey to Capilano. 
  • Speaking of smelling good, Beauty and the Bees has you covered for stocking fillers. You can view their full range of body products here

Gardening ideas

  • Australia has over 1500 species of bees and the majority of these little BEEuties are solitary bees. A solitary bee  does not  make a hive, like the European Honey Bees, they actually build their little homes by burrowing into wood or soil. For a friend or family member who's looking to encourage more native bees into their garden, you could gift them with this super cute Bee House by Biome.  Or to make the gift even more special, go DIY and build one yourself using this helpful guide from Gardening Australia
  • Nothing says 'bee lover' like a honeycomb shaped garden bed. We love these Australian made and easy to assemble ones by The Organic Garden Co. If your friends and family are planning to build their first 'Bee Garden' a great place to start is our resources page that offers tips on planting for both honey bees and native bees.  
  • These super cute Bee Solar lights  for the garden are a simple gift idea that can be enjoyed day and night. 
  • Is the person you're buying for not really a green thumb? Then we recommend these low fuss Seed Bombs that require pretty much 0% effort!  

Book ideas

2018 has well and truly been the year of the bee. Here are three books, published this year, that offer some thought provoking insight into the mysterious world of these tiny, inspiring creatures that do so much for us:

For the young ones:

Ideas for the Budding Beekeeper

  • Zazzle have some hilarious beekeeping themed merchandise for all. 
  • If you want to give the gift of a beehive this Christmas, a great place to start is reading this great article on responsible backyard beekeeping by Glenn from Mt. Coramba Apiculture. The Bunyip Beekeeper's website is also a great resource on where to BEEgin. And remember, if you or a loved one is planning to branch out into keeping bees, please register the operation/hobby hive via your state beekeeping association

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