How To Make The Best Cheese Platter, Ever!


With the warmer weather starting to fade, the impending winter months will present perfect opportunities for rustic wine & cheeseboards. So, we’ve compiled some handy tips to give your guests a real buzz during your next cheese appreciation night!

Choose honey as the sweet accomplice

Every cheese platter needs something sweet to balance the salty, savoury magnificence that is cheese… and here at Capilano, we think honey is an unsung hero.

We choose our Aussie honey instead of quince or pear pastes and other sweet spreads because it’s:

  • 100% natural
  • Free from preservatives, additives, artificial colouring and flavours
  • Totally refined sugar free
  • 100% Australian

We love honey and cheese so much, that we have launched an all Aussie Organic Honeycomb which makes for a totally indulgent addition to any cheese or antipasto platter!

Honeycomb is much more aesthetically appealing than a dish of honey and adds rustic texture that is sure to impress!

How to pair honey with cheese

We’ve chosen a mellow, lightly flavoured eucalypt that will complement the flavour of most varieties of cheese, without overpowering. However, there are some specific cheeses we can recommend that go perfectly with honey:

  • Parmigiano-Reggiano: a nutty, strong cheese pairs perfectly with honey. This cheese is best served pre-sliced, due to its solid texture and we love serving it with crumbly crackers.
  • Goats cheese: sour and tangy, goats cheese and honey offer a flavour bomb when served together on a water cracker with a slice of salami.
  • Blue cheese: We love serving blue cheese with thinly sliced crusty bread and honeycomb to accentuate the piquancy of a rich blue, such as Roquefort.
  • Double Cream Brie: We cannot pass up a truly decadent double cream brie, atop a seeded cracker with drizzles of raw honey from the honeycomb.

Our Organic Honeycomb & Raw Organic Honey is 100% Australian. The honeycomb and honey has been carefully sourced from certified organic Aussie beekeepers who have full organic certification through Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Find this beautiful new product in the honey section at your local Woolies store and give it a try on your cheeseboard this weekend.

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