Research Study Findings Agree With Capilano Test Results


The leader of the research study into Australian honey products, as reported in the media today, agrees that Capilano’s own C3/C4 adulteration testing of its Capilano brand, showing no adulteration, is consistent with the study’s findings.

Market leader Capilano has used world-renowned independent laboratories to test 77 100% Australian honey blends for C3/C4 sugar adulteration since the start of 2017, which equates to approximately 1,169 tonnes of Australian honey that has passed this adulteration test.

The leader of the research study, Professor Mark Taylor, who works at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Macquarie University, has made the following statement:

“Our study was an aggregation of results from testing honey from a variety of commercial sources and is not indicative of the purity levels of any specific brand of honey. The results of Capilano’s own testing are not inconsistent with our study.”

Professor Taylor’s statement illustrates that the finding of his study was consistent with Capilano’s own C3/C4 adulteration testing, which shows that its product is not adulterated.

Therefore, based on our results and that of Professor Taylor’s independent study, we are confident of the quality of Capilano brand 100% Australian honey and that it is not adulterated.

Capilano remains committed to working with industry to ensure that robust adulteration testing protocols are widely used by industry for the benefit of consumer confidence.

Australia is blessed to have the healthiest bee populations in the world, which produce the best quality honey from the richest floral diversity and clean environments in which bees are fortunate to forage. Australian beekeepers need the on-going support of consumers as they battle the impacts of drought and work to pollinate many of the food crops reliant on honey bees for pollination.

For for an official statement from the Australian Government on the integrity of Australian honey, head over to their website

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