Untrue Toxic Honey Allegations


To our valued customers,

Capilano Honey is aware of recent allegations that we are selling ‘toxic and poisonous honey’ to consumers. We can confirm that these claims are completely untrue and without foundation.

Much of the information being circulated relates to the ongoing and unfounded claims made by Mr Simon Mulvany of ‘Save the Bees Australia’ and Capilano Honey’s resulting legal action against him. This action was an absolute last resort for Capilano Honey after numerous attempts to engage and inform Mr Mulvany about the inaccuracies of his claims. Capilano Honey has filed a statement of claim with the Supreme Court of NSW seeking an order that Mr Mulvany be restrained from publishing false and misleading allegations.

FACTS: Capilano provides the following facts in regards to the allegations being made:

  • All Capilano-branded honey is packed with 100% pure Australian honey.
  • No honey packed by the company is either ‘toxic’, ‘poisonous’ or dangerous to health.
  • Nothing is added to honey packed by the company nor is it adulterated in any form. Neither does it contain prohibited antibiotic residues.
  • The company does import some honey from overseas which is used in supplementary brands, such as Allowrie. This is always clearly stated on the label. Imported honey is used to meet consumer demand during periods of low supply of Australian honey and to present a value-driven alternative offering greater choice to consumers.
  • All honey packed by the company is comprehensively tested and undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure it meets the strict standards set in place by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ). The company has never failed this quality testing.
  • Capilano employs global best practice, utilising advanced independently audited quality control systems, through all stages of the supply chain to ensure the safety and quality of honey packed.

In support of these facts we are pleased to share this statement from the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council:


As well as a statement from the Australian Food and Grocery Council on recent questions being raised about Capilano:


Choice Australia also ran an article after their independent investigation of Capilano honey following consumers concerns on honey safety, origin and quality:


Choice Australia features independent reviews and advice about products. It is a non-partisan organisation that was founded in 1959 which researches and campaigns on behalf of Australian consumers. Capilano did not pay for the article, all facts were investigated by Choice independently.

For more information on the safety of Australian honey please refer to this official statement from the Australian Government:


In addition to the above information that has been made available by these credible independent organisations, we have received an overwhelming amount of support from our network of over 600 beekeeping families. We urge you to watch the below video that shares their side of the story, featuring three of our long term suppliers:

  • Vince, Phil, Ryan and Bryce Elliott of V & P Elliott & Partners
  • Jeff and Debbie Smith of Smith Bee Keeping
  • Tim and Richard Willis of Willis Apiaries

At Capilano, our priority lies with protecting the interests and reputation of the 600 plus beekeeping families that supply the company across Australia, while providing customers with a high quality, safe and great tasting product.

We do welcome any direct queries on this matter and thank you for your ongoing support.


Trevor Morgan

Chairman – Board of Directors

Capilano beekeepers share their side of the story

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