Floral Honey

Tempt your taste buds with our premium Floral Honey Range. Capilano’s Floral Honeys contain only 100% pure Australian honey. Choose your favourite from the selection, or try them all, but get in quick... Due to seasonality some of this range will 'bee' limited edition!

What are the different types of honey?

The taste of each honey is unique – like sticky and sweet fingerprints, no two are exactly alike! It all depends on which flowers the bees have visited and collected nectar from. When enough nectar is sourced from just one species of flower, the resulting honey has a very distinct flavour.

Our premium floral honeys each offer a delicious flavour born from Australia’s diverse flora and sourced from our network of over 600 beekeeping families. Each type of honey is sourced from select regions across Australia, with some only harvested once a season. Now that’s premium!

What is Yellow Box Honey? 

Largely considered Australia's premier honey, this delicately smooth, single origin honey is produced from bees that have foraged Yellow Box trees that stand proudly across the eastern plains and tablelands from western Victoria, New South Wales to south-central Queensland. 

What is Floral Manuka Honey?

Our Floral Manuka is specially packed for those who love the dark flavour of Manuka but don't require the honey to be 'bioactive'. Dark and Aromatic, our Floral Manuka is 100% Australian Manuka that has been sourced from bees that have foraged Manuka trees.

Capilano Premium Foral Honey nutritional information

Avg QuantityPer ServePer 100g
Fat - Total0g0g
- Saturated0g0g
- Trans0g0g
- Sugars*12.4g82.5g

*Sugars naturally occurring in honey.


Dark & Bold - 100% pure Australian honey. 

Light & Smooth - 100% pure Australian honey. 

Yellow Box – 100% pure Australian honey sourced from bees that have foraged Yellow Box trees across eastern Australia.

Manuka - 100% pure Australian honey from bees that have foraged on Manuka bushes.

Storage instructions: Store at room temperature.

Where Can I buy Capilano Premium Floral Honey?

  • Woolworths
  • Coles

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