Manuka Anzac Slice

This ANZAC-Inspired Caramel Slice by Steph McDonald from @betterbeingsteph is so easy to make, packed full of healthy ingredients and tastes just as delicious and satisfying as the Classic ANZAC Biscuit we all know and love!

Skill Level Easy
Cooking Time 1 hour
Servings 9


Ingredients for the base:
120g Capilano Honey Australian Active Manuka Honey
100g traditional oats
50g desiccated coconut
50g almond meal or vanilla pea protein
20g milk of choice

Ingredients for the filling
100g Capilano Honey Australian Active Manuka Honey
200g peanut or almond butter
15g almond meal or pea protein
20g milk of choice

For the topping:
150g dark or milk chocolate, melted


  • 1

    Pour honey onto dry oats

  • 2

    Add Desiccated coconut and almond meal (or pea protein) – this will be the base layer

  • 3

    Mix it all together, the honey gives it a really nice consistency and it will mould really well into a tin without crumbling

  • 4

    Line a tin and firmly press the base down

  • 5

    For the filling, combine Peanut Butter and Manuka Honey.

  • 6

    Add a bit of almond meal or pea protein to thicken it up and help it set

  • 7

    Pour on top of the base you previously created and place in the freezer to set.

  • 8

    For the chocolate topping, melt chocolate and pour on top. Freeze it again, and you’re done.

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