Why work with Capilano?

Capilano honey has supportive and skilled management and supervisors committed to the wellbeing of staff and growth of the company.

Capilano Honey is an Australian owned and operated organisation within the food, beekeeping and export industry, currently employing staff both nationally and internationally.

Research shows that issues high on the priority list for employees include whether companies provide and encourage employee development and career progression. At Capilano you will find both – we provide training to develop your skills and experience, and a rewarding career path for you to follow.

Employment Opportunities

For many years, Capilano has offered a wide range of employment opportunities across a broad scope of occupations within the honey production, processing, sales and export industries. Opportunities are available for both skilled and unskilled people to come and join, then gain formal qualifications and a rewarding career.

People can come to Capilano from all walks of life, and we look for people with a combination of communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative and enterprise, planning and organising, self-management, learning and technology skills.

More specialised areas in our business include beekeeping and Apiary farming which allow for a flexible career and skill development.

Training and Careers

There are various jobs available in the honey production and beekeeping industry. Wherever you start in the industry, perhaps as a labourer, production line worker, apprentice fitter and turner, a packer or cleaner, you can set yourself career goals and work towards them. With planning, training and experience you may end up as a QA officer, a maintenance manager, production line operator, injection blow moulding technician or production supervisor.

Employees at Capilano facilities can be developed as skilled food processors, supported by up to date on site training with qualified trainers and assessors. Committed and suitably skilled staff have the opportunity to develop long term career paths, progressing from “shop floor” to management roles, labourers to beekeepers, technical trades and other skilled positions. Training is based on competency rather than a formal written examination process for lower level positions.

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