Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare

At Capilano Honey every employee is responsible for their own safety and for the people they work with

We are committed to achieving the highest standards of Health, Safety and Welfare practices and maintaining our core values in the communities in which we work and live. Our Workplace Health and Safety practices encompass the entire processes and personnel of Capilano. It is the policy of the Company that the workplace environment complies with current best practice in workplace health and safety at all times.

The health and safety of all persons who work for and with our organisation is a management responsibility ranking equally with responsibilities for production, sales, quality and similar matters.

Safety management system

Capilano Honey operates under a highly developed safety management system that aims to be proactive rather than reactive. This generates a positive safety culture at all levels of our business. Key focus areas include risk management, incident and injury management, training, communication and consultation, visitor, contractor and purchasing management and emergency preparedness.

OHS compliance and standardisation

To ensure an effective safety management system, operating procedures and safe work practices, Capilano Honey has introduced a standardisation system whereby all sites use Capilano best practice OHS procedures. To ensure the systems effectiveness, a series of internal audits and reviews are conducted annually to ensure up to date procedures and compliance is achieved.

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