Our Honey

So, what makes Capilano’s 100% Australian honey some of the best honey in the world…

1. Australia’s clean, natural bushland environment

All of our Capilano honey is sourced from Australian beekeepers whose bees enjoy foraging in the pristine Australian environment. In fact, the vast majority of our hives are located in unpopulated national parks and forests – away from city pollution.

2. The world’s healthiest honey bees*

According to the CSIRO, Australia has the healthiest honey bees in the world*, largely free of the major pests and diseases seen in other honeybee populations around the globe. And healthier bees produce healthier honey containing more of the bee enzymes.

Source: CSIRO, Issue 215 Agriculture, Biosecurity, January 2016

3. The largest floral diversity on earth

Australia has the largest floral diversity compared to anywhere else on the earth. To support nutritional requirements of the colony, Capilano Beekeepers move the hives to various naturally rich and diverse environments for the bees to forage on a range of flora, with a significant quantity of our honey supply coming from the many Eucalypt tree varieties.

4. Natural harvesting

All Capilano sourced honey is naturally dried by the bees and ripened in the hives. Once ready, the honey is collected by hand, carefully extracted from the frames and sent to Capilano where we quality test and pack the honey.

5. World-leading quality testing

Our Sci-Test laboratory is the only one of its kind in the Southern hemisphere, ensuring accuracy and best practice compliance for our analytical methods in testing honey for microbial and chemical residues. This is how Capilano is able to provide unparalleled quality assurances to our customers. Nothing is ever added to our honey, it’s just as nature intended.

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