4 Bee Myths That Need Busting


You may think you know a lot about these honey-making creatures, but some of the most commonly held “facts” about bees aren’t true!

1. All bees make honey

Actually less than 5% of bee species actually make honey. The real honey-making bees are the social ones, they make honey to feed the hive and their queen through the winter. Most other bee species don’t live in hives and are solitary creatures.

2. All bees sting

The stinger is actually a modification of the egg-laying part of a female bee’s body, so males just don’t have the equipment to sting you. But there are also plenty of bee species, where even the females cannot sting.

3. All bees live in hives

Most bees don’t live in hives, only the social species do. Even out of the 10% of bees species that are social, only a small percentage build hives. The majority of bees make individual nests tunnelled in the soil or in tree trunks.

4. All bees work hard

Heard the phrase “busy as a bee”? While this is true of many bees, especially the female honey worker, bumble and stingless bees, many male bees do very little to no work in the nest.

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