Honey, these lunch box treats are sweet!


Whether packing up a lunch box for your little one or putting together a cute snack for yourself, a little Capilano honey can go a long way to making lunch breaks a little more exciting.

Better than a candy bar

Candy and chocolate bars are easy treats to pop into lunch bags, but we all know that finding ways to reduce how much refined, processed sugar we eat is important. Honey is twice as sweet as sugar so you only need to use half as much in your baking. Ditch the store-bought sweets and make some honey-sweetened, homemade granola bars. You can fill them with your favourite dried fruit and nuts, and they won't leave you crashing in the afternoon after eating too much sugar.

Sweet shapes

No one likes the same-old, boring square sandwiches. Use large cookie cutters - in the shapes of stars or hearts or whatever you think your kid will love - and cut these shapes into Capilano honey and peanut butter sandwiches. You could even use smaller cookie cutters and make 3-4 sweet mini sandwich bites.

Dip into this treat

Make lunchtime feel like a party with a healthy dip. Mix greek yoghurt with a little Capilano honey, nut butter, vanilla extract and (if you are feeling like you really want to indulge) some chocolate chips. Along with your dip, pack your favourite fruits into the lunch box. Have these all sliced up and ready to scoop up some of the delicious dip.

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