Three DIY Gifts For The Honey-Days


With the holidays fast approaching, we wanted to put together some suggestions for some really sweet DIY gifts you can make at home with a Capilano Pure Australian Honey.

First, an absolute classic: Honey Roasted Nuts. These sweet and salty snacks are irresistibly good and look great in a glass jar - as long as you can stop yourself from helping yourself to too many "samples". Try spicing them up (literally) with a little cayenne pepper. 

Coconut oil, peppermint essence, granular sugar and honey - sounds delicious but this one isn't supposed to go in your mouth, it goes on your lips: Honey & Peppermint Lip Scrub. Home-made cosmetics like this are all-natural, easier than you think to make and are really cute gifts.

Finally, a sweet treat suggestion that is definitely worth a go: Honey Peanut Brittle. Wrap it up in a little plastic, or pop in paper gift bags, and finish with a bow.

DIY's like these make great surprises or stocking stuffers, plus they're a fun activity you can do alone or (even better) with the kids.

Happy Honey-Days!

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