Premium Floral Honey

The taste of each honey is unique – like sticky and sweet fingerprints, no two are exactly alike! It all depends on which flowers the bees have visited and collected nectar from. When enough nectar is sourced from just one species of flower, the resulting honey has a very distinct flavour.

Our premium floral honeys each offer a delicious flavour born from Australia’s unique and diverse flora and pure, sundrenched Australian landscape. Each type of honey is sourced from select regions across Australia, with some only harvested once a season. Now that’s premium!

Tempt your taste buds with these one-of-a-kind, Australian specialties. Like all Capilano products they contain only 100% pure Australian honey and offer a distinctive flavour that adds richness and complexity to everyday foods...

Macadamia Honey

Enjoy the distinctive nutty & malty taste of Macadamia honey. An Australian specialty, Capilano Macadamia Honey is a premium, single-origin honey made from bees who forage on the nectar of the native Macadamia nut blossoms.

Enjoy... At breakfast as the perfect complement to oats, muesli and different types of breads, with nuts as a snack or topping, or as a natural sweetener in cooking and drinks.

Taste... A floral & nutty flavoured honey with lingering malt and caramel overtones and light floral notes.

Eucalyptus Honey

Enjoy the dark and caramel taste of our Eucalyptus honey. An Australian specialty, Capilano Eucalyptus Honey is a premium, single-origin honey made from bees who forage on the majestic River Red Gum – one of Australia’s most prolific eucalypts that grow along the Murray River system, creeks and billabongs.

Enjoy... This natural sweetener is great in coffee and drinks, is perfect for baking, add richness to marinates for beef or lamb or simply savour it at breakfast on bread or cereal.

Taste... A dense, golden eucalypt honey with a bold caramel tone and warm, woody after-taste.

Capilano Floral Honey Nutritional Information

Avg QuantityPer ServePer 100g
Fat - Total0g0g
- Saturated0g0g
- Trans0g0g
- Sugars*12.4g82.5g

*Sugars naturally occurring in honey.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Australian honey 
Storage instructions: Store at room temperature 

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