Does Capilano Honey contain added sugar?

No. Capilano Honey does not contain added sugars, such as cane sugar or any other sweetening additives. 

We employ global best practices through all stages of the supply chain and have earned an international reputation for quality though our rigorous and diligent approach. Capilano has been committed to maintaining the highest quality standards for the past 60 years. In addition to quality systems set by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) and the Australian Quarantine and Inspection service (AQIS), Capilano has its own advanced, independently audited, quality control systems.

Capilano Honey is committed to ensuring the highest quality of honey from the earliest stages of production. This ensures our premium Australian honey remains a safe and nutritious foods for our consumers. We have multiple certifications, including certification by HACCP and Grade A Global Food Standard (BRC).

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