What is active honey?

Active honey is honey that has been tested and proven to contain 'bioactive' compounds. One of the most commonly known active honeys is Manuka.

The bioactive compound, methylglyoxal, is a naturally occurring property of Manuka honey. All Capilano Manuka honey tested by an independent laboratory to identify the different potency levels.

Names after the species of tree this honey is produced off, Manuka (a type of leptospermum) is found all over Australia and New Zealand and the honey does vary in colour, thickness and flavour - while still retaining its renowned therapeutic benefits. Our active Manuka honey is now known worldwide as a powerful antibacterial agent. These antibacterial Manuka honeys are tested using analytical methods to show the presence of antibacterial properties:

NPA – Non Peroxide Activity

MGO – Methylglyoxal

UMF – Unique Manuka Factor (this is not used by Capilano, it is only used for NZ Manuka Honey)

Capilano's Manuka honey is made from 100% Australian Manuka honey as per the label.

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