500 Aussie Beekeeping Families


For over 60 years, Capilano Honey has grown to not only be the number one honey producer in Australia but one of the largest in the world. Key to our success is the amazing, delicious Australian honey that we receive from around 500 Australian Beekeeping families all across Australia.

Having honey from all over Australia gives Capilano such a wonderfully wide range of honey flavours and taste to make available. Our Beekeepers work tirelessly to seek out the best locations then send us the amazing goodness produced by their honey bees. All we do is pack it as purely as nature intended and make available to you. We are also very proud of the fact that many of our Aussie Beekeeping suppliers are also shareholders in Capilano.

So to all hardworking Australian Beekeepers across Australia, thank you to you and your amazing honey bees!

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